Current Projects

I-25 Gap

CDOT proposed to expand I-25 between Monument and Castle Rock by adding a new tolled Express Lane in each direction, widening shoulders, replacing outdated infrastructure and addressing design deficiencies of the aging roadway, adding wildlife underpasses, and modernizing the facility with improved drainage, lighting, communications, power, and signage. The total estimated cost for improvements to I-25 South Gap is $350 million.

CDOT will install four new wildlife crossings, widen an existing bridge, and install more than 30 miles of deer exclusion fence.  This project has further enhanced the communication channels and partnership collaboration between CDOT and CPW and Douglas County. These agencies have studied where the highest animal-vehicle collisions were located, gathered data (from trail cameras, CDOT/CSP/ CPW carcass data), which helped direct solutions for where to locate the underpasses and other wildlife mitigation measures. To date, there are 12 trail cameras that have been in the field for almost 2 years along I-25 between mile point (MP) 172 and MP 162 to determine the diversity of wildlife present and capture travel patterns.

State Highway 52

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U.S. Highway 285

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State Highway 160

The Highway 160 project is east and west of the intersection of SH 151 near the Lake Capote Campground. It includes an overpass, underpass, fencing, and access control (i.e., deer guards and ramps). The overpass will be east of 151 where both sides are connected to a natural topography feature. Collar data that shows this is an elk-crossing area. The project is in 70% design review and minor changes will be made based on review. This project is a partnership with CDOT, CPW, and the Southern Ute Tribe.

State Highway 13

SH 13 is currently in the design phase. On the WSWPS draft map, Highway 13 is a hot spot for connectivity, and CPW and CDOT are working together to incorporate wildlife crossing structures into Phase 3 (Wyoming border to Craig, Colorado) of the road construction project.

 Photo source: Rocky Mountain Wild, ECO-resolutions, CDOT 
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