In 2019, the Alliance is excited to announce new partnerships for project-based and internal funding to further mitigation efforts and continue education, outreach, and partnership development.

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation: RMEF awarded CDOT Region 5 with over $70k of funding to complete fencing along the US 160 / SH 151 corridor.

NFWF: As part of the Secretarial Order 3362, NFWF awarded CDOT Region 5 over $300k to complete the US 160 / SH 151 project, Improving motorist safety, reducing wildlife mortality, and increasing habitat connectivity along a major big game migratory route in the San Juan Basin in southwest Colorado.

In partnership with the Southern Ute Tribe, the project will provide wildlife/highway fencing to direct mule deer and elk to two newly constructed overpass and underpass structures.

GOCO Director’s Innovation Fund: The Alliance secured $20k of GOCO funding to continue facilitation of the Alliance Action Plan. The Action Plan includes supporting the WSWPS and ES&P WPS results, conducting outreach to local communities, continuing to pursue partnerships, and identifying funding for on-the-ground projects.

The Alliance continues to pursue funding opportunities to fund priority projects around the state. If you have funding opportunities or are interested in learning more about what you can help fund, please contact us.

 Photo source: Rocky Mountain Wild, ECO-resolutions, CDOT, CPW 
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