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Partnerships Highlight

State Highway 9

Colorado State Highway 9 between Green Mountain Reservoir and the Colorado River provides a major transportation corridor for people traveling north-south between Silverthorne and Kremmling, Colorado.

Increasing traffic has contributed to over 600 reported vehicular accidents in almost 20 years, resulting in 16 people killed and 200 injured. In the last 11 years, 650 animals have been killed on this stretch of highway alone.

The State Highway 9 project improved safety conditions along this dangerous stretch of highway while maintaining habitat connectivity. The project became a reality through an unprecedented collaboration between Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Colorado Department of Transportation, Grand County, and local landowners. The final State Highway 9 project includes two wildlife overpasses and five underpasses on a 10.5-mile stretch between Kremmling and Green Mountain Reservoir, north of Silverthorne. It is comprised of multiple large crossing structures, interconnected with fencing, small animal culverts, escape ramps, deer guards, and pedestrian pass-through gates.

 Photo source: Rocky Mountain Wild, ECO-resolutions, CDOT, CPW 
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