Mitigation Measures

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Conservation Easements

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Guiding Documents for Alliance Members

West Slope Mule Deer Strategy: CPW strives to increase and improve big game populations through investments in habitat and conservation, including building more highway wildlife crossings to protect wildlife and motorists. The importance of this factor was recently identified in CPW’s Mule Deer Strategy as a contributing cause of population-level impacts.

CDOT Environmental Stewardship Guide: This guide speaks to CDOT’s ethic to “support and enhance efforts to protect the environment and quality of life for all of Colorado’s citizens in the pursuit of providing the best transportation systems and services possible.”

CDOT NEPA Manual: NEPA, or the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (42 USC 4321-4335), was enacted to promote a national policy for protection of the environment and to raise awareness of the importance of natural resources to the nation. NEPA requires federal agencies, in cooperation with state and local governments, to address the environmental impacts of a proposed federal action or an action that receives federal funds.

FHWA Wildlife-Vehicle Collision Reduction Study: This study details the causes and impacts of WVCs and identifies potential solutions to this growing safety problem. The report focuses on mitigation methods that reduce the number of collisions between vehicles and large wildlife, such as deer, because these accidents present the greatest safety danger to travelers and cause the most damage.

Secretarial Order 3362: Released in 2018, this Order directs appropriate bureaus within the Department of the Interior (DOI) to work in close partnership with Colorado, among other states, to enhance and improve the quality of big-game winter range and migration corridor habitat on Federal lands under the management jurisdiction of the DOI in a way that recognizes state authority to conserve and manage big-game species and respects private property rights.

 Photo source: Rocky Mountain Wild, ECO-resolutions, CDOT 
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